Welcome to Johannes Kepler Academy for Science and Arts

By: admin

16 Oct 2011

Someday your children will proudly claim that they graduated from JKA in beautiful Lowcountry of South Carolina. Why will they be proud? Because they were given the opportunity as young scientists and artists to dream their wildest dreams, then to achieve their dreams with the scholarly mentoring of the JKA faculty. Not only do the students at JKA fulfill their dreams, but their teachers also fulfill their dreams--teaching in an environment of professional academic freedom.

Students at JKA learn, like in Plato's Academy, there are no right answers, only new questions to be explored when reaching the end of their current instruction. But it is this constant questioning that leads to the powerful "threaded" learning that ultimately results in developing critical thinking skills and greater accomplishments. These young scientists and artists at JKA will be prepared to go on to great achievements in their lives with momentum accelerated by high motivation and guided by the acquired skills they have learned.

Why will we be successful in our mission at JKA? Because we carefully assess our students with the understanding that there are many styles of learning, different types of intelligences, and different personalities. Also within this group there are youth with "exceptionalities" that require special attention in removing obstacles that may hinder their scholarly growth. Our faculty is acutely aware of the individual uniqueness in students and the curriculum delivery is designed to be student centric in order to optimize individual learning outcomes.

Finally as a multicultural, multi-disciplinary, and global school, students learn that they are part of "one world" and not a "world apart" from others on this Earth or this universe. Besides accelerating individual talents, team projects provide the social construct that will bind these children together for the rest of their lives.

Performing Arts

Johannes Kepler Science and Arts Center's Theatre and Musical Theatre Programs will provide students with the necessary education to enable them to perform in, design, manage, or direct a production and succeed in a variety of professions outside of the theatre. Both programs are grounded in a strong liberal arts tradition. The theatre major...
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